Why Having Fun Doesn't Make You Happy

While we all define fun and happiness differently, we all have the same desire: inner fulfillment. Some of us spend long hours at work to build wealth, but others prefer the freedom that comes with living a simple life. Looking beneath the surface to uncover what truly matters is essential for anyone who wants to learn how to be happy and to obtain lasting satisfaction. 
If you have ever felt as though something was missing or out of place but couldn't put your finger on it, it's time to explore the differences between having fun and being fulfilled.

Fun is Temporary

In our quest to become happy, we often party at clubs, buy nice cars and seek other material possessions. While doing so can provide us with short-term gratification, we will soon return to our default mood. If you own anything that you once valued but no longer care about, you know exactly what I mean. 
When our feelings of happiness fade, we will immediately look for the next source of enjoyment, creating a cycle from which escape won't be easy. In fact, feelings of guilt often replace the short-lived sense of happiness because we usually make a lot of sacrifices to chase temporary enjoyment. When students come to me for life coaching, I help them see the truth so that they can make better choices in the future. 

Understanding Your Core Values

If you want to understand and achieve true happiness, consider your core beliefs and values. Doing so is often challenging because other people who have an interest in how we behave try to influence the way we see the world. You can overcome that problem by sitting by yourself and asking what you want out of life. 
Do you want to help others, or would you like to start and raise a family? You will then need to consider the reasons that you want to do those things if you wish to understand what motivates you on a deep level. Some people overthink this step because they don't know if their answers are good enough, but do your best to let go of those thoughts. Since only you can decide what is important to you, there are no wrong answers. 

Setting Short- and Long-Term Goals

Now that you have an idea of what you want to get from life and how to be happy, turn your dreams into reality by setting short- and long-term goals. Listing your long-term goals first will make the process easier because your short-term goals need to move you toward what you want to achieve in the long run. Each goal that you complete will move you a little closer to lasting fulfillment. 

Finding Balance and Putting Everything Together

Some people will hear my advice and think that they should never engage in fun activities, which is not the case. Having fun is a great way to relax, reduce stress and reward yourself for sticking to your goals and moving toward them. 
It only becomes a problem when you focus so much on having fun that it prevents you from pursuing your long-term vision. If you decide to give life coaching a try, we will go into detail on each of these concepts and find the perfect strategy to help you live a meaningful life.