Success Strategies Recommended By a Life Coach

When you want to make significant and lasting changes in your life, there are strategies you can use to make those goals a reality. The first, and most crucial step, is to decide that you’re going to stop wishing and finally take action. Once you’ve made that commitment to yourself, the strategies listed below can change restrictive or self-defeating thought patterns and help you set yourself up for success.

Remember When, and Why, You Failed Before

This step is a humbling but necessary one. Take an honest account of when you failed in the past and pinpoint where you usually get stuck. For example, do you frequently complete a quarter of the process only to convince yourself that you can’t do it? When you’re trying to lose weight, do you instead lose momentum after the first two weeks? When you identify where you encounter issues that stall your progress, you can devise appropriate solutions for overcoming them.

Visualise a Successful Outcome

Imagine how your life will change if you accomplish your goal. How will the success benefit you? Be specific. Will you make more money? Enjoy better health? Find someone to love? By making the desired outcome feel real, you will feel more committed to accomplishing it.

It's Not You, Its Your Behaviour

Did you abandon a diet or stop going to the gym after a few sessions? You probably feel like you failed, but you didn’t! Certain behaviours sabotaged you. The difference is very important. You didn’t fail- the project did. Calling yourself a failure because a goal doesn’t work out the first time is both unfair and detrimental to your self-worth.

Get Yourself Into a ‘Prime State’ or ‘Flow’

Tony Robbins talks about this a lot, and with good reason. Pushing yourself to achieve lofty goals when all you feel like doing is sitting on the sofa is a recipe for failure. You need to warm up first by getting motivated. You can do this by:

●     Watching inspiring videos

●     Discussing your goals with friends and family

●     Listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or speeches by those who have been where you want to be

Declaring your goals and others inspire you can give you the momentum needed to experience the success you deserve.