First, Book your complimentary consultation call with me below. This is where we will discuss what you would like coaching to support you with, and get a feel for whether we would like to work together. You may also gain valuable insight in this session by thoroughly completing the questionnaire that helps me get to the heart of what you are looking for. 

Second, I will suggest a coaching program that suits your situation and specified goals such as 6 weeks or 3 months programs, once agreed, we will have a 1 hour discovery session where most of the foundations and insights will be made.

Third, Coaching will be delivered over the phone, or webcam in 30 or 60 minute sessions with email support in-between.  

There is no hard sell involved at all, it's important that you find me a compatible person to work with, and that I believe I can really help you reach your goals.


The right program for you


My coaching programs are designed to help you focus, plan, commit and complete with consistency the goals that mean the most to you.

The coaching facilitates the vision, the focus, the motivation, the plan and the accountability you need to push yourself further than you could alone. The magic happens in the time between sessions where you will be the architect of your own success.

Because of the nature of changing mindset, habits and consistency I plead you to commit to a minimum of 3 months of coaching at a time regardless of the frequency.

Should you need a faster program, they are also available below.

All 1 hour sessions can be taken as two 30 minute sessions as you see fit based on your needs and preferences. For example a 1 hour a week program could be split in to two 30 minute sessions in that week.


3 month kickstarter: Six one hour sessions plus one hour discovery session. For those who want to start making big changes in their life in a measured and calculated manor, most suitable for those who in full time employment looking to strategise and make big strides towards their goals consistently. 

1 month The Rapids:  Four one hour weekly sessions plus a one hour discovery session over a month. For those who are serious about big change in a short time. Weekly intense planning sessions and frequent accountability check ins will ensure that you rapidly make progress.

Go with the flow: Coaching works best over 3 month periods, the real work is done by you in-between the sessions, and therefore inconsistent sessions is not ideal. That being said we understand that everyone's needs are bespoke. Session by session is agreed on a case by case basis.