Coaching for Stress Management and Life Balance: 3 Tips for Frazzled Entrepreneurs

To be an entrepreneur is to be under stress. You hear all the time you should invest more of yourself in your work if you want to achieve your goals, but how long can you sustain such a high level of commitment without burning out? 

To stay sane as a business owner, you need to learn how to juggle the responsibilities involved in being your own boss, leading a team and handling the myriad tasks necessary to keep your company running. Finding balance means focusing on all areas of your life, not just your business, and learning from the wisdom of others who have already walked the entrepreneurial path.

Bust Your Stress

You can’t run a business without feeling at least a little pressure, but chances are you’re under more stress than you let on. Trying to hide it only makes it worse over time. It’s not natural or healthy to allow yourself to constantly be stressed out, even if you’ve been told success depends on dedicating every waking moment to your business. You need a plan to ensure your days don’t end with your blood pressure through the roof and a dozen empty coffee mugs on your desk.

Start by establishing a solid routine you follow every day, including specific times at which you check email, take a lunch break and finish working. This minimizes the number of decisions you have to make and allows you to focus on more important business matters.

When you are at work, stop worrying about everything being perfect. Mistakes happen, and entrepreneurs who choose to learn from their failures bounce back stronger than ever. Look at how far you’ve already come, and break down your goals for the future into smaller steps. Although it’s okay to dream big and plan big, using little goals as stepping stones prevents you from feeling overwhelmed from day to day.

Make sure you have time to step away from your job and unwind. Add a quiet space to your work area where you and your employees can go to sit, relax and take a few deep breaths when the day becomes overwhelming. Give your staff and yourself ample time off to be refreshed, and create a policy banning business communications with those who are on vacation.

Don’t Make Work Your Life

All the responsibilities you handle as an entrepreneur can make you feel like the success of the entire business rests on you and it will go under if you’re not there to handle every detail. It’s time to stop believing this lie. Your company can get along without you and won’t collapse if you take a day off every once and a while.

Learning to delegate is one of the most important things you can do in business. Find people on your team who are good at handling the detail work of keeping the company going, and let them handle the behind-the-scenes tasks so that you can disentangle yourself from the daily grind when necessary. Get comfortable with the idea of business going on as usual when you’re not there, and allow yourself to take a guilt-free break.

To ensure your personal time doesn’t start to erode when things get crazy at your company, establish set work hours for yourself. When it’s time to stop for the day, just stop. Don’t tell yourself you’ll take care of one or two small things before going home. Turn off your business phone, don’t check your email and tell everyone at the office you’re unavailable until the next day.

During the hours you’re not at work, take care of yourself. Prepare healthy meals, establish a regular workout routine and make sure you get enough sleep each night. Engage in activities unrelated to work, and take regular vacations. When spending time with family and friends, don’t talk about or think about work. Designate this time as your time, never allowing drama from the office to interrupt or distract you from what’s important.

Take Advantage of Small Business Coaching

Saying you’ll stop stressing and start living your life instead of living for work is easier than actually doing it, which is why so many entrepreneurs turn to life coaching to help them with stress management and the balance between work and personal time. Life coaching addresses the big picture to show you where changes need to be made to restore order in the daily chaos you’re experiencing.

Coaching for entrepreneurs benefits you by:

• Clarifying your current situation with an objective outlook
• Teaching you how to establish a framework for success
• Helping you lay out an actionable process for business growth
• Guiding you through the most efficient series of steps to achieve your goals
• Making you accountable for working toward personal and professional goals
• Getting you to ask the right questions to put your business and your life on track
• Providing a “sounding board” for ideas
• Showing you where you’re going wrong and how to fix problems at your company
• Minimizing costly errors made due to lack of experience

Small business coaching gives you a second pair of eyes, a willing ear and a confidant who isn’t afraid to shed light on the mistakes you’re making in order to help you move forward with confidence in your business and your life. 

Find the equilibrium you’ve been searching for with a coach who can point you down the right path and show you how to achieve your personal and professional objectives without becoming overwhelmed by your circumstances.

When it comes to running a business, striking a balance is essential. Coaching for entrepreneurs shows you how to avoid burnout from putting too much of yourself into your company and prevent stagnation from investing too little. With life coaching as part of your plan, you’ll have less stress, less guilt and less craziness in your entrepreneurial journey.