Willing Your Success

Many well established formulas for success, most famously noted in books such as 'Think & Grow Rich', 'Psycho-Cybernetics', and 'The Science of Getting Rich' focus on the concept that you have what you want already. This often looks like focusing on the big picture of what reaching your goals looks like to you and imagining it vividly down to the small details. If its to become rich for example, how much money do you have in this vision?

What do you do with it? How does it feel to be able to do all those things you want to do because of it? The theory is that focusing on these aspects will condition your mind to seek out the means to achieve them.

The cynical may ask why should I convince myself of something that isn't true for the moment, aren't this generation struggling because everyone was told they can have whatever they want?

The key takeaway about this concept is not to brainwash yourself in to a state of complacency or set unrealistic standards.

Its simply to shift the focus away from internally debating whether something is or is not possible, allowing you to give 100% of your focus to achieving it. Once you are sure something will happen for you, there are less likely to be doubts, or time spend querying actions, and more time spent planning and actioning means towards the goal.

This also has a big impact on how we view failures, if we are sure that we can achieve something, we see failure as a temporary setback and more importantly a key lesson on what doesn't work.

Have you failing at something that you were not convinced you could succeed about to begin with?It fulfils the doubt that the goal is not possible. Your only take away is that 'you/it cannot be done'.

Think about the difference in children who are told they can do something vs asked if they can.

Think about how knowing that almost everyone can learn and pass a driving test leads to people persisting and passing their driving tests despite many failing at the first attempt or more.

As your life coach, you will not have to fully adopt this way of thinking in to your life to reap the benefits of this concept with your goals.