Challenging Your Status Quo

Breaking the status quo is how we have made some of the largest scientific discoveries on our planet today. 

Ignoring yourself for a second, how many times have you been on the end of a conversation
like this.

“I am telling you it can’t be done, I have tried a million times”
“It won’t work, trust me”
“I know I haven’t tried it, but I imagine its definitely not for me”

Chances are you have sat on the giving and receiving end of this type of statement, and
for good reason in some cases such as trial and error and proven results.

However most status quos are not definite truths. 

So yes you tried to start a business and it failed a million times? Oh 1000 times? Oh so it was actually 100 times? Oh truthfully 3 times?

 In this example an opportunity or path in life has been discounted due to three attempts, where others have succeeded with more perseverance.

Creating these types of constraints for ourselves allows us to better navigate what we
perceive as dangerous predicaments that will result in failure, embarrassment, pain etc.…
The problem with that is we start to ignore the possibility of any other result than the one
we imagine. We tell this to ourselves but also try to spread the belief to other people.

My father told me to never go in to manufacturing nor have business partners, having failed
in manufacturing with a business partner, I held this belief for no real reason other than his
experience until my late 20s…

Challenging my own status que was looking at all the people who were prospering in
manufacturing and having a great time sharing the burden and excitement of starting up
with business partners and accepting that the view I had was limiting my options and
conversations using the wrong rationale.

Challenging your status ques can feel uncomfortable, you must have good reasons for
having your views right? When challenging don’t assume you have to go the other way and
jump in or start living your life completely differently. Merely accepting there is another way, that
works for other people and potentially could work for you if you really wanted it to, creates
an opportunity for learning.

I have witnessed very successful chefs, event operators and managers grow by challenging
their own status ques and adopting new techniques, views on themselves and interpretations of how success can be achieved with things they would not even consider before.

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