Conquering Fear

The fear of failure is one of the most powerful restricting factors of anyones life.

It can be so powerful that it can cripple even the most experienced and successful amongst us not to mention those who are at the start of their change journey.

Why does failure carry such a heavy weight? What does it say about us when we fail...

Failure's power stems from its connotations in nature where it usually equates to death, the fear of death is the most natural instinct we have to ensure our survival.

While the stakes are definitely lower today than when we needed those primal instincts, the instincts themselves remain intact, and it is still those who are able to utilise them instead of be crippled by them that are able risk failing and capture the greatest rewards.

Ok, so we know where the fear of failure came from, how do we remove it?

You can't! Without it we would all be taking 100% of our chances and risks.

What you can do is weigh up what you stand to gain by risking it, accepting that you could fail in that attempt and be ok with that outcome.

Experience and wisdom only come via failure. Why do we not consider highly educated and technically capable young people for high leadership positions? They possess everything except for the know how to deal with failures, disasters, unexpected results, unaccounted for variations in their theory etc..

Life is full of unexpected occurrences, and being able to remain calm confident, and  able to adapt when all the planning falls apart and failure occurs is seen as the hallmark of a good leader. Just look at how we view strength in political leaders!

So you could fail most of the time it and won't be as bad as you imagine it will be?

The collective universe will most likely not stand up and ridicule you. Chances are it will not be a total failure and there will be room for a huge amount of learning.

"I didn't create a robust marketing budget"
"We didn't think through our monetisation strategy"
"I shouldn't have ignored my cravings"

These are big lessons, as someone who has started and failed at multiple start ups I can tell you that you make more progress in that failure than any amount of dwelling or hesitation.