Collapsed beliefs

Doing and Enjoying
Agreeing and Understanding
Tolerating and participating

Collapsed beliefs are not so uncommon associations we make between two unrelated
emotions, values beliefs etc that affects how we view situations in a usually negative way.

Most parents expect to worry about their child because they love and care for them.
Worrying about them for the parent shows how much they care for their child.
In reality the worry has little to do with the love and affection the parent feels for the child,
neither the child nor parent benefit from the worry either.

The collapsed belief here is that ‘of course I have to worry, because I love my child and don’t
want anything to happen. ‘

Can that statement still be true “I love my child” without worrying and the negative

Furthermore could this statement also be true “I love my child and want only the best
circumstances for them”?

Nothing has fundamentally changed about that statement except we have removed the
worry and instead added a positive desire, perhaps one that will have a more beneficial
affect on the child and their views on the world around them.

This can be applied to many associations, one of the oldest around is that ‘work is supposed
to be unpleasant and want away’.

In this case the collapsed belief evolves Jobs and unhappiness.

Many people spend their entire lives working in jobs they hate under the assumption that
this is the experience of all jobs, the term ‘job’ potentially means laborious exchange of
time for money to these people potentially.

Which is very different from saying that ‘actions I don’t like doing, for people I do not like
are not enjoyable’.

What are your collapsed beliefs and how can you open yourself to new ideas and ways to live?